The Past

The Brick Yard Point property once played a central role in the industrial history of the greater New Haven region. In the 1800s, I.L. Stiles and Sons mined clay and operated a brick yard on the property. In the 1900s, the property was occupied by recognizable industrial leaders such as Carwin Chemical Company, Burndy Corporation, Upjohn Company, Dow Chemical Company and Pharmacia Corporation. The industrial influences on the landscape along the Quinnipiac River closely mirrored the changes occurring along rivers all across our nation.

By the late 1900s, the impacts of past practices were known and new investments made to restore our environment. In 2003, Pfizer acquired Pharmacia Corporation and embarked on a significant remedy and restoration project designed to protect human health and the environment, and restore the natural habitat. The site-wide remedy included active treatment of the most highly impacted areas, installation of engineered cover systems on the remaining impacted areas and surface impoundments, and placement of Environmental Land Use Restrictions to ensure the remedy remains protective.

An on-site groundwater containment, extraction and treatment system will be operated long-term and groundwater will be monitored pursuant to requirements set forth by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP).

With remediation construction activities complete, ongoing groundwater monitoring, maintenance of engineered controls, and operation of the groundwater extraction and treatment system are being performed under a Stewardship Permit issued by CTDEEP.

Today, Brick Yard Point is a testament to an ongoing commitment to repair our land, restore water quality and maintain a safe and thriving ecosystem for all.

The Present

Brick Yard Point was designed to replace some of the natural habitat lost to development along the Quinnipiac River. The restoration features two of the scarcest habitats in the region – upland meadow and freshwater wetlands. Brick Yard Point returns 57-acres back to the Quinnipiac ecosystem that now flourish with native plants and shrubs that are home to many scarce birds, reptiles, and mammals.

While Pfizer Inc. inherited the site as part of the purchase of the Pharmacia and Upjohn Company, Pfizer has conceived a restoration that will serve generations of plants, animals and people – a true contribution to sustainability. Brick Yard Point is primarily intended to protect and serve nature, but is made available to the public on a restrictive basis to provide an opportunity for visitors to see nature at its finest.

Four distinct trails lead to seven “learning areas” with interpretive signage to help visitors understand the flora and fauna found in the varied habitats on the property. Brick Yard Point offers an unparalleled experience to walk with nature along the Quinnipiac River.

Repository of Information

A repository of information regarding the remediation and restoration of the Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLC Site is located at the North Haven Memorial Library, 17 Elm Street, North Haven, Connecticut.